Tiffany Anna Talent Manager: Jenny Rose
Tiffany Matthews is a talented and vibrant artist whose artwork brings joy and inspiration to a wide audience. During the lockdown, she reignited her passion for art, and her colourful creations have become a testament to the power of artistic expression in bringing happiness to life. Meet Tiffany Anna

With an enthusiastic audience on her socials, Tiffany has built a strong community of art lovers who eagerly anticipate her latest creations. Through her social media presence, she not only shares her artwork but also connects with her audience, sharing stories and insights about her creative process. This personal engagement has made her an influential figure in the online art community.

Tiffany’s artwork has gained recognition through exhibitions in galleries and art events, captivating viewers with its vibrant energy and uplifting spirit. Her dedication to spreading joy through art has also led to collaborations with like-minded brands and organisations, expanding the reach of her artwork.

Tiffany’s goal is simple yet powerful: to inspire others to rediscover their own passions and find joy through art.

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