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Tessa shares how to lead a health and balanced lifestyle, including nutrition tips, and healthy recipes TESSA KELLY IS A CARING MOTHER AND WELLBEING AND LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER Meet Tessa Kelly

Tessa Kelly is a health, wellbeing and lifestyle influencer as well as full-time mum to Clara and Orlando. Before becoming a mother, Tessa’s main focus was teaching her audience how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle including nutrition tips, recipes and exercises in and out of the gym to sustain a great physique.

Since announcing her first pregnancy at the beginning of 2019, Tessa gained a huge following of first time mums and expecting parents. Tessa openly discussed her journey from her birth plan to the highs and lows of expecting a little one.  Tessa’s content has shifted focus to capture the ins and outs of parenting whilst keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Tessa’s content consists of relatable stories, techniques of coping as a first time mum and staying on top of health and wellbeing. Tessa has worked with some incredible brands over her career including ambassadorship roles with Aveeno, Fairy, Tommee Tippee to name a few, and also created her own delicious Protein ‘Bali Blue’ with Purition.

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