Steph Elswood Talent Manager: Andrew Selsby
Steph's refreshing approach to Health and wellness has been featured in numerous recognisable health and fitness magazines. STEPH IS A HEALTH AND FITNESS ADVOCATE, PROFESSIONAL DANCER, AND DIRECTOR OF BODY CONFIDENCE WORKSHOPS 'STAY SASSY’. Meet Steph Elswood

Steph Elswood is a health and fitness advocate, Professional Dancer, Director of body confidence workshops ‘Stay Sassy’, Author of ‘Plant to Plate’ and Founder of ‘Sasstainable’ and ‘Dry Disco’.

Steph has taken the health and fitness world by storm, with her high energy workout videos, fitness tips, recipes and honest outlook on life. She became a European Ambassador for Nike Women and JD Women, and has partnered with other global brands such as Adidas, BMW, Champneys, Herbal Essences, Holland and Barrett, and Sky Sports to name a few.

Her refreshing approach to healthy eating and wellness has been featured in numerous health and fitness magazines, including ‘Women’s Fitness’, Hello! Magazine, Grazia and Women’s Health. Steph has created  ‘Stay Sassy’, a dance and body confidence workshop, a class all about female empowerment and body positivity with the profits from each event being donated to different charities. Steph has also released a very successful merchandise range with ‘Stay Sassy’ and hosted her wellness retreats all over the UK.

Her environmentalist passions and efforts has also led her to start the brand ‘Sasstainable’. Her goal is to educate her audience by releasing ethically made products from sustainable materials that can be easy swaps for their single use alternatives. This year will see Steph continue to be a trusted voice and advocate of the sustainable community and lead the way on promoting a kinder way of living, alongside some very exciting plans in the pipeline!

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