Samuel Leach Talent Manager: Andrew Selby
Samuel Leach is a financial millennial trader and serial entrepreneur SAMUEL LEACH IS A SELF-STARTER TRADER AND ENTREPRENEUR. Meet Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach is a financial millennial trader and serial entrepreneur. His journey began when he used his student bursary at University to begin trading. He began working up the ranks through the leading independent private bank in the UK known as C Hoare & Co and started to make his fortune extremely quickly. As his fortune grew, his determination to guide others in his direction also did. Samuel started his own trading business ‘Samuel & Co’.

Alongside his business, he also took to the world of social media and quickly became one of the most well-known and trusted voices in the online trading community. With over 135K Youtube subscribers and 378K Instagram followers, he continuously inspires his online community to follow in his footsteps by providing them with educated guidance to enter the trading world. Now recognised as an online trading mogul, Samuel is currently ranked number 1 trader to follow in 2020 by Yahoo Finance.

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