NEURO NUSH Talent Manager: Ellie Norris
Annushka AKA Neuro Nush - ADHD awareness and mental health content creator. Meet NEURO NUSH

Nush is a mental health content creator, specialising in speaking and advocating for the Neurodivergent community. Since her late diagnosis with ADHD at 25 years old, she focuses on education around the topic with her humorous and informative approach. Nush lives in a small town in Essex as a single mum,  travelling around the UK to provide Mental health and ADHD talks to secondary school students, teachers and parents and also provides 1-1 ADHD coaching for those who don’t have access to mental health services globally.

As a former social media specialist, Nush has used her strategic social knowledge to grow her audience authentically through TikTok and Instagram. From always being behind the camera, Nush is no stranger to the world of social and by being obsessed with self growth and psychology, she’s no stranger when it comes to spreading a viral message to create a good impact for those without a voice. Nush’s goal is to educate not only ADHD’ers but also those who aren’t neurodivergent to spread positive awareness in hope that one day the world will be a more kind, understanding and positive place.

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