Katie Budenberg Talent Manager: Ellie Norris ellie@84world.com
Katie Budenberg is a content creator who spreads love, positivity and confidence to all of her followers. Meet Katie Budenberg

She is known for shedding light on the unattainable and unrealistic beauty standards in today’s society, along with dietary myths.

Katie’s use of social media as a source of empowerment has given her a growing and loyal audience, who are always tuning in for her comedic and high energy content. She regularly discusses contemporary topics such as eating disorders, the vast use of editing tools on social media, body types and beauty standards. Katie is dedicated to helping open the conversation surrounding these societal taboos and help her followers feel that they aren’t alone and feel naturally beautiful and confident!

Her inspiring content has allowed Katie to work with brands such as ASDA and Love Honey, as well as having press from the likes of Times Radio and Elle. 2023 is set to be an exciting year for Katie and we can’t wait for her message to spread far and wide! She has worked more recently KatKin, with her passionate love for cats!

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