Joe’s Garden Talent Manager: Jake Cooper
Joe is a 26 year old gardening and horticulture expert with a passion for all things grown out the ground! Meet Joe’s Garden

As a child, Joe spent a lot of time with his great grandmother in the garden, learning about the different plants, growing fruit and veg and spotting all the animals in the garden. Immediately he fell in love! 27 years later it has now become a goal of his to help share some of that information, passion for wildlife and the environment with others! His goal is simple; teach as many people as possible about the joys and health benefits of being outside while also trying to protect this beautiful natural world we are so lucky to call home. Joe invites you all to join his ‘growing’ family, and come on this journey with him!

Joe utilises his abundance of innovative ideas to create easy and fun recipes to help his audience lead more healthy and environmentally-friendly lives whilst also saving money. He has launched a gardening subscription box service called ‘Garden with Joe’ which can be found here.

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