Evie Meg Talent Manager: Jake Cooper jake@84world.com
Evie Meg is an online creator with an audience of over 17 million who uses her platforms to show the ins and outs of her medical journey. EVIE MEG IS A CONTENT CREATOR AND DISABILITY ADVOCATE. Meet Evie Meg
I’m Evie Meg, I am an online creator using my platform for awareness and education around lesser known autoimmune diseases and keeping an online diary as my journey changes. I also raise awareness for Tourette’s Syndrome and show the world what it’s like to live with, helping others along the way and building an amazing online community. I’ve been on a health journey for 10 years now and I love sharing it with the world, and using my voice to speak up for others. It’s been an amazing journey and I now have over 17 million followers across my platforms.
My hobbies are gymnastics, sign language, makeup and reading, I am a self-taught mandala artist and sell my art around the world. I also adore my 2 rabbits who I am very passionate about and love to raise awareness on rabbit welfare!
In 2021 I published a book called ‘My Nonidentical Twin’ which is an autobiography speaking about my life, my childhood, my Tourette’s journey, and support for others living with Tourette’s or a health condition. I have also loved working with brands such as Gymshark, Adidas, Audible, Lucy Locket Loves, Emma Mattress and Skillshare.
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