Emma Petersen Talent Manager: Ellie Norris ellie@84world.com
Emma Petersen AKA The Fit Londoner is a foodie content creator who shares simple daily recipes and lifestyle content. Meet Emma Petersen
Emma has been a London-based influencer for over 6 years, and a foodie for all her life. Emma initially pursued a career in law, but made a transformative career switch at the end of 2023 to follow her heart and now solely focuses on creating and sharing her delicious recipes online. Her content is creative and so so satisfying, her often viral recipes are focused on being quick, easy and delicious – meaning they cater to a broad audience and make cooking accessible for all skill levels.
Emma’s content not only showcases her recipes, but also snippets of her daily life. As she has had an online presence for a number of years, a large part of her community has grown up with her. Meaning they have a strong connection and are truly engaged and interested in what she’s up to. One of Emma’s greatest joys is witnessing the countless recreations of her recipes by people from all walks of life. From students to busy professionals and everyone in between, her recipes resonate with a diverse audience, making her a relatable and valuable figure in the food influencer sphere. As Emma continues to evolve in her creative journey, her content remains a testament to her dedication to promote a balanced and enjoyable approach to food.
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