Emma McVey Talent Manager: Ellie Norris ellie@84world.com
Emma McVey is a Northern influencer, sharing her life as a mum of two. MEET EMMA MCVEY Meet Emma McVey
Emma is a proud mother to Chester and Primrose, she shares both the highs and lows of parenthood. This has helped her to create a community of young mums who can relate to and go to her for advice. Emma also shares her health journey to inspire and support her ever-growing audience. Following her open heart surgery last year, Emma openly discusses her experiences with surgery, scars and colitis. Emma also delights in the simple joys of cooking, baking, and engaging in wholesome activities with her children. Balancing her interests, she is both a fashion/beauty enthusiast and a lover of home comforts, finding beauty in both curated and cozy aspects of life.
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