Emily Solman Talent Manager: Ellie Norris Ellie@84world.com
Emily is a Nutritional Expert + Food / Wellness Influencer Meet Emily Solman

Emily is a Oxford-based Welsh influencer, she is in her 20’s and during her adult life has been trying to put a smile on everyones face.

Emily’s aim is to make people feel as happy as possible and encourage healthy habits in a way that works for each individual person, her goal is to help people understand and celebrate their bodies. Emily has a first class degree in Biological Sciences, a masters in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition and is a registered AFN Nutritionist.

Emily uses her Instagram and TikTok to share positive vibes and relatable content around food and exercise, giving her audience the validation they look for around their feelings in this area. Em’s fun loving personality shines through her content, she has successfully built an engaged community who feel heard and know they can rely on Emily’s channel for support and education when they need it.

Emily has big plans for her future, now that her masters degree is complete she will be exploring the social space fully and partnering with like minded brands. Some of the brand she has already worked with include Always, Alpro, Mitchum & Sainsburys. Emily will continue to inspire and grow within influencer marketing and will spread love and expertise in every area she touches.

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