Bradley Simmonds Talent Manager: Jake Cooper
Bradley is a personal trainer, fitness guru and one of the UK’s top male fitness influencers.
He began his sporting career as a professional footballer playing for Chelsea, QPR and IBV in Iceland. After several career-threatening injuries Bradley decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a role in personal training. He began by training local clients before taking the opportunity to use social media as a platform to expand his clientele.
Bradley’s innovative approach to training and can do attitude captivated his audience which has continued to grow ever since. He’s utilised his platform to educate his audience and future generations to live well, and encourage conversation around male mental and physical health.
His hard work, determination and passion has led to securing features in publications such as GQ and Men’s Health, publishing his own book and creating the first live workout platform in the UK with thousands of subscribers.
He’s recently launched Bradley Simmonds Online Coaching, a platform that enables him to coach clients anywhere in the world with bespoke meal and exercise plans as well as offering support and guidance. Bradley’s ultimate goal is to get as many people feeling good about themselves physically and mentally as possible.
Bradley’s expertise within the industry has led to him becoming a trusted voice for some of the world’s biggest brands and he has been an ambassador for Adidas, Sky, Under Armour and many more.
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