84World is a multi-dimensional, forward thinking management company.

We are uniquely positioned to meet the talents needs due to our diverse, far reaching network and range of distinct professional experience.

84World provides a dedicated, fully rounded service, including:

  • TV

  • Online

  • Recording

  • Brand Partnerships/ Sponsorships

  • Live

  • Merchandise

  • Publicity

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Profile

  • Publishing


As an addition to our Management services, with our vast array of contacts and brand relationships, we offer the following:

We work with rights holders and brands by implementing music/entertainment and talent in to their marketing and promotional activities, bringing ideas to life on any scale. With our extensive network of contacts, we are also able to facilitate key business to business introductions in the music/entertainment sector.

  • Brand partnerships

  • Event sponsorship

  • Brand ambassador sourcing

  • Brand ambassador activation

  • PR & social media strategy

  • Celebrity seeding