Rosalind Weinberg Talent Manager: Pippa Thomas

Rosalind is the ultimate businesswoman who empowers women day in day out that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Actively breaking away from stereotypes, she shows how being a mother does not mean you can’t continue to build a career empire. Rosalind is turning traditional perspectives of motherhood on its head, openly claiming “I’m a mum, I love my husband and my son, but I still need time for myself. My business is my second baby, it gives me a sense of self, I’m not abandoning it yet.” Starting her business in 2018, ‘The Influencer’s Diary’ has continued to grow and gain increasing recognition ever since. Rosalind wants to invite women on her journey, reminding them that they can also have it all (and feel sexy) even with a baby beside them.

This year will see Rosalind continue to subvert social norms and influence her followers daily as the “Cool Mom” she is. Along with watching her continue to be an amazing mother and her travelling adventures, we can’t wait to see her business thrive even further!

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