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Lizzie Carr

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Lizzie Carr, aka Lizzie Outside, is an environmental activist, adventurer, author and Founder of Plastic Patrol. She has dedicated herself to exploring the globe on paddle boarding adventures, whilst using her journeys to capture important data to highlight and educate on environmental issues affecting our planet.

In May 2016 Lizzie became the first person in history to paddle board the length of England’s waterways, solo and unsupported. She completed the 400-mile journey in 22 days, plotting more than 3000 photos of plastic waste she encountered, earning her international recognition from both media and the general public for her efforts.

A year on and ready for her next challenge, on 18th May 2017, Lizzie became the first female in history to solo stand up paddle board across the English Channel, a record breaking seven hour long crossing highlighting bigger environmental story of micro plastic contamination in our oceans. In July that year Lizzie launched Plastic Patrol, a nationwide non-profit to rid waterways of plastic pollution through a combination of community engagement and disruptive technology. To date, Lizzie and her army of volunteers have removed more than 190 tonne bags of plastic from the UK waterways and a further 12,000 examples of plastic in 43 countries globally have been logged through crowdsourcing on the interactive Plastic Patrol app.

In September 2018, Lizzie took her activism to America - one of the world’s biggest consumers of single use plastics - by becoming the first person to successfully paddle board the tidal River Hudson (all 170 miles) over eight days. In the last year alone, Lizzie’s campaigning efforts reached more than 44 million people globally through widespread media support! 
Lizzie is a well-respected social media personality and her brilliantly curated content, beautiful photography, videos and updates from her incredible adventures keep her audience captivated and enables her to drive positive social change through story telling. Lizzie has worked with numerous brands, including: REN Skincare, Visit England, LinkedIn, Waitrose and Talisker.
Early in 2020, Lizzie started working with government department, DEFRA, to co-create content in driving public awareness around departmental initiatives and updates. 
Recent projects

Recent projects

- 'Points of Light' Award Winner - 2020. Presented by Boris Johnson PM.
- ‘Inspiration of The Year’ - 2020. Stylist Magazine Awards.
- Writing op-ed content for United Nations.
- Working with DEFRA on content creation to highlight departmental key messaging.

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