Lillie Bernie Talent Manager: Amy Goodman
Lillie Bernie is a London based artist and successful entrepreneur. Her journey began as an abstract painter but when the pandemic hit, she realised she needed to think outside the box and explore other avenues in the art world.
Lillie started to acknowledge the difficulties people were facing when not being able to celebrate special moments together. This is when she decided she wanted to create original artwork that could bring loved ones together again which led to her now successful business: The Glitter Store. Her art work focuses on taking photos and adding a magic touch by using glitter and acrylic paint to create beautiful personalised canvases. Her work has now been distributed to clients across the world and her customers have been able to celebrate special occasions together through her unique creations.
Lillie’s artistic approach and expert eye for detail has certainly captivated her audience across social media. She’s not only known for her art work; specifically glitter prints, but also her unique style and travel updates. Her personality shines through in her content, she’s successfully built an engaged community and has worked with brands such as Skims and Lipsy London, and she’s only just getting started.
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