Lámidé Elizabeth Talent Manager: April Izzard april@84world.com
Lámidé Elizabeth is a Finance, Business and Lifestyle Influencer with a passion for building wealth. Meet Lámidé Elizabeth

Lámidé is a 24-year-old investment banking analyst with a passion for building wealth through multiple streams of income. Her rich knowledge of investing has translated onto Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, as she’s built a platform to share advice and experiences of investing and finance, empowering other women to invest and grow their wealth.

Lámidé was a recent alumni of YouTube’s Black Creator Class of 2022 and achieved EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year in 2019. She also runs ‘The Resource Bank’, a platform dedicated to providing resources to eager students who aspire to become professionals in their fields.

She moved to Dubai recently and will continue to build her international property portfolio whilst balancing her 9-to-5 in finance and creating her social content.

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