Carl Cunard Talent Manager: Poppy Marshall
Carl's social platforms focus on ‘The Everyday Man’ looking and feeling the best version of themselves. CARL IS AN ICONIC FASHION AND LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER. Meet Carl Cunard

Before entering the influencer world, Carl previously began his career journey working in public relations and presenting. He decided to move into the influencer industry over 5 years ago and quickly dominated the men’s fashion, lifestyle, grooming and makeup market working with several distinguished brands such as PacoRabanne, Elf Cosmetics, Topman and Braun. He has managed to gain a very impressive following on Instagram, Youtube and more recently TikTok. His social platforms focus on sharing the best on trend fits and tips to make the ‘everyday man’ looking and feeling the best version of themselves.

With his knowledge of working in public relations he is extremely knowledgeable and creative when it comes to producing the most engaging and interactive content for the brands he partners with. He also loves to get creative with his dog Carter making hilariously heartwarming reels with his furry friend! Alongside his celebrity pals, Carl is also often spotted at renowned industry events showcasing his chic and fashion forward style.

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