Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson

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Josh Patterson. Passionate model, former professional sportsman, TV personality, Health and Fitness influencer.

Josh has become the founder and director of the women's fitness brand 'Mahara'. They are a sportswear brand, but they are different. There mantra is different. There reason for being is different... 

Josh has also been focusing on his aspiring modelling career. He has continued to work on several health and fitness campaigns, due to his significant interest in all things health and nutrition related.

Josh starred in Made in Chelsea Season 12, which aired every Monday evening for 4 months. This has stemmed from his successful seasons as part of the cast from 2015 including the spin-off series, Made in Chelsea: LA. Josh and his partner Binky are also the stars in their own 2-part documentary 'Born In Chelsea' which was aired on E4. This documented the couple's journey to introducing baby India to the world.  

With an active and ever increasing social media base, Josh has fast become a sought after target for many brands, including the campaign for Bjorn Borg ‘The Iconic Collection’, Nike, Berocca and Burton.

Josh was also named as the face of Burton's new sportswear brand called 'HIIT' appearing in all the Burton stores around the UK & Ireland.



Made In Chelsea

Josh made his debut on TV in Made in Chelsea’s Season 9 series. He quickly became a firm favourite with the MIC fans and was invited to join the spin off series Made in Chelsea: LA. Now appearing in his third season, Josh has the fastest growing social media of all new arrivals on the show.


Recent projects

Recent projects

Josh is filming for his latest series of 'Limitless' in association with Adidas

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